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Aims of Business
The business of Japan Energy Association is aimed at stimulating achievement in the development and utilization of energy resources, and engaged in the following business activity;

(1)Research and survey on energy issues
(2)Popularization for the efficient use of energy
(3)Store and transmission of energy information
(4)Publication of Periodicals on energy
(5)Cooperation and participation in WEC activities


Characteristics of Business
The business of the Association is characterised as follows;

(1) The Association is a private organization, which is engaged in developing research, investigation and other activities embraced all energy resources to contribute to the development of all energy industries.
(2) Under the business of the World Energy Council as a non-governmental organization, the Association acts as the organization which promote private-level international cooperation for both of the industrialized and the developing countries to contributes toward effective development and utilization of energy resources.


The membership of the Association consists of the major business corporations, the trade organizations and the research institutes in the all sectors of Japanese energy industry.
The membership amounts to 102 corporations and organizations in almost Japanese energy industries, including Electric Power, Gas, Oil, Coal, Nuclear Power, Electric Machinery and Prime Mover, Iron and Metals, Electric Wires, Trading, Technical Consultant, Construction, Services to Electric Power and Gas Industries, Automobile, etc.

Relations with WEC
The activities as Japanese Member Committee of WEC are the major works of Japan Energy Association.
The chairman of the Association also serves as chairman of the Japanese Member Committee and the Association Members are also the Members of WEC Japanese Member Committee. These two organizations share the same office.
The Japanese Member Committees is required to:

(1)Participation in the meetings of the Executive Assembly, the supreme legislative organization of the WEC and exercise of the voting right
(2)Participation and cooperation in the activities for the Standing Committee and the Studies Committee of WEC
(3)Arrangements in WEC Congress for Japanese Members
(4)Arrangements in WEC Regional Forum for Japanese Members
(5)Promotions of survey for the WEC study committees

Reference: Relations between Japan Energy Association and Japanese Member Committee

Japanese Member Committee, an independent organization under direct control of the London Central Office of World Energy Council, undertakes all external communications and contacts that may be involved in the operations of WEC.
Japan Energy Association manages both of staffs and finances on the most of external affairs and all of domestic works. Japan Energy Association manages Japanese Member Committee in essentially.