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  The Japan Energy Association (JEA) is currently supported by more than 100 member companies and organizations. The members include not only companies and organizations from energy industries, such as electricity, gas, oil, coal and nuclear power, but also major Japanese companies in other sectors, including electric machinery makers, steelmakers, trading houses, construction companies and research institutions.

  The Japan Power Association(JPA), the JEA's predecessor, was established in the prewar period, inspired by activities of the World Power Conference, which was founded in the United Kingdom in 1924 on the occasion of the British Empire Exhibition. Twenty-seven Japanese academicians and engineers who participated in the World Power Conference, among other people, discussed the need for exchange of information in Japan to promote energy welfare from various standpoints, and as a result, the Association was established in 1927.

  The Association was temporarily disbanded during the war after the tide turned against Japan. However, in the postwar period, it was re-established in December 1950 as an incorporated organization upon the government's approval, following Japan's return to the international community. In 1951, its membership in the World Power Conference (which was later renamed the Word Energy Council [WEC]) was approved. Since then, the Association serves as the secretariat of the Japanese Member Committee of the WEC which is headquartered in London and has members from more than 100 countries around the world.
  Supported by the many member companies and organizations which have been major contributors of the economic growth in Japan, the JEA has continued to engage in various activities intended to realize its foundational ideal of "stimulating achievement in the development and utilization of energy resources"
  Creating a "decarbonized society" in order to arrest global warming has now become an urgent task, and as a result of the additional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of energy is expected to pass into a new, unprecedented phase. It may be said that we have entered into an era that demands constant watch over the energy situation. Carefully observing these circumstances, the JEA will continue to strengthen its domestic and overseas networks, and strive to collect and disseminate meaningful information.
  We would appreciate your continued understanding and further support.

  June 2021

  Naomi Hirose
  Chair, Japan Energy Association
  Chair, Japanese Member Committee/WEC