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Japan Energy Association (JEA) is currently supported by over one hundred member companies and organizations. All of our members are energy related companies/organizations including electricity, gas, oil, coal, nuclear, electrical machinery/wire, construction, steel, trading and automobile. In other words, we are supported by wide range of companies that are heavily involved in various aspects of energy from production, distribution, conversion to fi nal consumption. We believe this is our unique and strong character.

Japan Power Association, forerunner of current JEA, was established in 1927 in response to the foundation of World Power Conference. At the fi rst World Power Conference held in London, global experts engaged in electricity and electricity-related machinery gathered from all over the world and from Japan, 27 professors and engineers participated. With this background, JEA works as Japan’s national member committee of WEC, the headquarter of which is in London, U.K. and undertakes all external communications and contacts involved in activities of WEC.

Recently the structure of global energy situation has been changing drastically in every aspect from production, distribution to consumption. Japan is no exception. We, Japan Energy Association, together with our members hope to strengthen global network, gather information and send messages.

2015 Summer

Teruaki Masumoto
Chairman, Japan Energy Association
Chairman, Japanese Member Committee/WEC